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“Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears straight to the heart”
― - unknown


Greenville, SC

Favorite Song

Lauren Daigle- You Say

Interesting Fact

I love Harry Potter! And reading in general

Mary Elizabeth Arthurs

Friendly, shy, musical

How did your passion and interest for music start?

My love for music started at a young age listening to my father sing and teach voice lessons. I started singing in the childrens choir at church and taking piano lessons during elementary school. During 5th grade, I was introduced to the string family at an explore the arts camp. I immediately fell in love with the rich, deep tone of the viola. I started playing in middle and continued through high school and college. My love for music and the string family has never faded.

What do you do at NoteAbility?

I teach private violin, viola and cello lessons

Who is your hero and why?

Itzahk Perlman because he had a lot of troubles in his life and still learned how to play the violin. His perseverance is an inspiration to me.