““There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.””
― Albert Schweitzer


Ninilchik, Alaska

Favorite Song

I Get To Love You

Interesting Fact

I can make really good cat noises that people mistake as a real cat they think is nearby. I was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa as a missionary kid till I was 11. I snapped my two wrist bones on my left arm after trying to show off to a cute boy from school on a wet trampoline by doing a hand stand. Lesson learned: showing off gets you no where good. Our family dog in South Africa was killed by a cobra snake while we were on furlough in the States. He was trying to keep the cobra from attacking the baby of the family that was staying in our house at that time.

Carla Stebbins

My name is Carla and I am from a small town in Alaska. I moved to Greenville after graduating with a degree in piano. I currently work for an accountant full time. I am married to an amazing man and have a sweet cat who we call our child, because let's face it, all pets are our children. On the days i'm not at work, I enjoy relaxing while having a cup of coffee in my hand and Netflix on the TV. If it's a warm sunny day, then outside on the balcony soaking up the sun is where I'll be. Doing small projects is a fun thing I like to do on the weekends too.

How did your passion and interest for music start?

My mom is a pianist and vocalist so she tried to get all of us kids to play piano. I didn't start till I was around 8. Since we didn't get private lessons, I forced myself to go through all the beginner books and forward. Once I reached a specific song that my sister had struggled with she told me, "you'll never learn this. It's too hard." But I wanted to prove her wrong so I learned it. When I hit age 12, all the other girls around my age were a good few levels ahead of me. This fueled me and I chose a song levels beyond me to learn. My mom told me she learned it when she was in high school. I learned the song, with help from her on areas I didn't understand. But making myself learn that music caused me to progress levels ahead in a short period of time. From those two instances, I had a passion to learn music that I didn't think I could. And even though I don't play the piano as often as I used to, I still love to play music I've never played before and see what I'm capable of.

What do you do at NoteAbility?

I accompany for the Thursday show choir.

Who is your hero and why?

I would have to say, my mom and dad. I look up to them for how they raised me. Their humility, sacrifice, and support for each other, my siblings, and myself have inspired and encouraged me over the years. I appreciate everything they did for me and how they taught me because I wouldn't be who I am today without them.