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“"C.S. Lewis says that fiction is able to sneak past the watchful dragons of religion. It becomes more powerful to speak in poetry. The song goes straight to the heart while the numbers and the math of it will never be able to reach that."”
― Quote by Jon Foreman, Fading West


Brooklyn, NY

Favorite Song

Needle and Haystack Life by Switchfoot

Interesting Fact

I drive a 1970s VW beetle, I love to longboard, and I secretly love Legos.

Alexander Tabick

I grew up in Brooklyn NY, in a family of three other siblings. My older brother and I lead in the worship team at church from the age of 14yrs old, and then much much later went to College for recording engineering and mastering. Almost 2 years ago, I moved down to South Carolina to seek new opportunities and to get a change of scenery. I've loved it ever since!

How did your passion and interest for music start?

My passion for music started when I joined the high school worship team at my church, I had a background in music already, but my passion started there when I would take time to help others with their instrument. Seeing others connect over music, over a song, over one voice, a whole crowd can turn into one voice, and I enjoy facilitating that connection.

What do you do at NoteAbility?

I mainly teach Piano and Guitar, but I also find myself teaching ukulele, sometimes vocals, and banjo.

Who is your hero and why?

My Parents are my hero. They are the ones that have influenced me to become the dreamer, the leader, and the visionary that I am today, couldn't be more thankful for them.