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Musicianship Program

Musicianship Program

3rd - 12th Grade

Our Musicianship Program is for the duration of the school year and offers students the opportunity for several channels of development. These include: Weekly Private or Group Lessons, Student Band, Fusion, and Performances.

Weekly Private Lessons: Private lessons allow students and teachers the opportunity to zero in on technical aspects of instrument study specific to their chosen instrument through studying repertoire unique to each student’s area of need. This provides the student with tools or strategies to effectively reinforce what they are practicing at home enabling them to reach higher levels of technical ability with excellence and ease.

Weekly Group Lessons: For some courses and instruments (such as voice or strings), it may be more advantageous to have a Group Lesson versus a private lesson. Group Lessons typically have 4-6 students participating in technical aspects of learning that cannot be mastered in a solo setting.

Student Band: We think the value and experience of collaborative playing is unmatched, and playing relevant songs is one of the primary reasons we’ve found students seek to master an instrument. Band provides students the opportunity to not only to make music, but also opens up a realm of new opportunities for all musicians that cannot be reproduced solely in a private lesson. It is “game time” for all the practice done in lessons. It is one way to test and see if learning in the lesson was successful and polish areas that still need work. Therefore, student band replaces your private lesson on designated student band weeks in the Musicianship Program. We ask that you come to the band time that meets nearest your regularly scheduled lesson time. (Ex. Stephanie’s lesson is Monday’s at 3:30, so she will come to student band Mondays from 4-5pm.) If you have a schedule conflict or there is not a band available during your lesson time, simply coordinate with your teacher to choose a time to come regularly for the year.



30min $110 per month
45min $168 per month
60min $210 per month


Registration Fee - $35 per family, one-time