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Violin Lessons in Greenville, SC - Noteability Music School

Notability offers violin lessons for students of all ages and skill levels in Greenville, and whether you want your child to be introduced to the string family in a fun class environment, or you want to grow the skills of an advanced high school student, we’d love to work with you. We take a holistic approach to music teaching - reading, playing by ear, technique, theory, and more - and our goal is to set you or your child up for a lifetime of knowledgeable musical enjoyment.

Experienced Violin + Cello Teachers in Greenville, SC

Quality instruction starts with quality teachers, and the string staff at Noteability is experienced, enthusiastic, and highly skilled. Our teachers are all either degreed in the pursuit of music degrees, they all have significant teaching experience, and many of them perform actively in our community. Learn more about our instructors here or get in touch!

Meet The Staff

Our Violin and Cello Programs

Music education starts early at Noteability, and we have age-appropriate lesson offerings for preschoolers, elementary kids, high schoolers, and adults. There’s something for everyone at our studio, and you can either let your child explore music in a casual setting or enroll in private instruction.

Violin Lessons For Kids in Greenville

Do you want to give your child the opportunity to choose an instrument, or are they ready to pursue violin? We have options for both, and you’re welcome to get in touch to learn more.

We recommend our Launch Pad Program to new aspiring violinists and string programs - your child will get to know and experience the string family under the guidance of a qualified instructor in an exciting classroom setting, and they’ll have fundamental knowledge that they can apply directly to any string instrument in private lessons.

If your child wishes to continue afterwards, we recommend the Musicianship Program. This lesson program can include either group or private lessons, and we will dig into technique, music theory, and advanced playing concepts.

Violin and Cello Lessons For Adults

Whether you’re an experienced violinist or an adult beginner, we’d love to work with you. Adults and high schoolers can purchase lesson passes in various quantities, and lessons can be arranged to fit your busy lifestyle.

We want to work with you to meet your unique goals - perhaps you’re trying to learn how to play without tension, improve your tone, learn how to sight read (especially common among violinists brought up through the Suzuki method), or add another member of the string family to your skillset. We’ll help you meet your goals, not force our agenda on you. To get started, send us a message!

Violin and Cello Lesson Pricing in Greenville

Our classes and lesson programs follow the academic calendar, so you will be billed on a semester by semester basis (every 15 weeks). There is also a small registration fee due at signing to cover expenses, but our pricing is up front and transparent - you will be made aware of all charges prior to signing anything.

Our Programs

What Genres Will You Learn?

We have children’s programs geared specifically towards popular music genres, and we also provide traditional, classically-focused training. However, we don’t teach the violin with regard to a specific genre.

You will learn notes, music theory, technique, and more, and our goal is to equip you to pursue whatever musical styles you would like. Whether you’re preparing for college auditions, orchestra rehearsals, or a gig with your band, we’d love to work with you.

What Else Will You Learn in Violin Lessons?

Firstly, we’ll make sure that the student knows how to grip the bow, and we will properly situate the violin and demonstrate correct posture and arm position. Then, we’ll help the student learn how to properly draw the bow across the strings to produce a beautiful sound, and we’ll do so while teaching the notes that sound on open strings: G, D, A, and E. We’ll also help students learn how to tune their violin on their own.

From there, we’ll proceed into more advanced concepts, like playing other notes, learning scales and arpeggios, and developing a vibrato when the time comes. We focus on the fundamental and grow from there!

What Kind of Violin Should You Buy?

Please note that children enrolling in our launch pad program will be able to use our instruments - you do not need to purchase a violin or cello. The goal of this program is to help kids decide what instrument they want to play!

Once you’ve decided, a young child (younger than ten years old) may benefit from a half or 3/4ths size violin. They will need to be able to reach the strings comfortably with their extended arm. Most children over ten would do better with a 4/4 (full size) violin, since they will likely grow into it soon anyways.

If you’re an adult who struggles to reach the notes comfortably, you may consider a 7/8ths violin from a dealer in the area; many adult amateurs play on these nearly full-sized violins.

Start Violin Lessons in Greenville

The violin, cello, viola and other string instruments are challenging, and it usually takes a year or two to feel like you are playing the music you want to play. For that reason, don’t wait to sign up for lessons - get started with the learning process today. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be making music.