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Voice Lessons In Greenville, SC

Noteability offers private voice lessons and singing classes for students of all ages and abilities in Greenville, SC, and we would love to work with you. Prepare for auditions, improve your technique, or lay a strong singing foundation for your child - whatever your preferred genre or artistic pursuit may be, our talented teachers can help you reach your goals at our studio.

Singing Classes For Kids

Start your child with strong vocal foundation at Noteability - the value of ear training and quality vocal production from a young age can hardly be over exaggerated. Very young children can start with the Singing Circle program (part of our Launch Pad series), where they will make friends and learn how to sing in a group environment. From there, you can enroll your child in our Musicianship Program - choose from either group or private lessons.

Singing Lessons For Adults in Greenville

It’s never too late to train yourself to sing well, and whether you’re a young professional or a recently retired hobbyist, we’d love to help you reach your goals. Greenville has a thriving extracurricular vocal culture -- the Rivertree Singers, the Greenville Chamber Singers, the Greenville Choral Society and more -- and if you wish to get involved in the vocal scene, you may want lessons.

We recommend that our adult or high school students purchase Lesson Passes in various packages - these reasonably priced packages are flexible, and they work with your busy lifestyle.

Learn Healthy Vocal Production & Technique

Singing is a completely natural expression of sound, so how is it possible to pick up so many bad habits over time? How are we able to damage our voices by simply using them? As frustrating as it may be, incorrect singing technique is common and dangerous.

We will teach you or your child how to breathe properly, how to sing without tension, and how to produce a significant amount of sound without strain. All of this leads to a beautiful, natural tone that can be applied to various musical genres.

Singing Technique For Every Genre

We don’t stress any particular genre at Noteability (classical, jazz, rock, or others), and we want our students to be able to participate in any musical style that they love. To that end, we work with you on improving your fundamentals - you will be able to apply the skills learned with us to any genre or opportunity. If you have a particular musical outlet in mind, let your teacher know!

Study Repertoire For Every Singing Experience

Are you learning arias for a performing arts high school audition, a song cycle for MTNA competitions, a series of show tunes for a theater audition, or Great American Songbook classics by Hoagy Carmichael? Even if you’re trying to learn rock ballads, our professional teachers can help you improve your sound and technique. Get in touch to learn more.

Get Started With Voice Lessons in Greenville, SC Today

Our doors are always open to aspiring or experienced singers, and we would love to help you reach your goals. If you need guidance choosing from our various lesson programs, let us know! We would love to speak with you and help you improve your singing.