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Music Classes For Toddlers & Babies in Greenville, SC

Young children love music and movement, as we’re sure you already know. But did you know that you can increase musical aptitude and help your child fall in love with singing, drums, the keyboard, or other instruments through structured learning? Our music classes for toddlers and babies in Greenville bring children and their caretakers together in a fun group environment to lay a foundation for a life of music making. Keep reading to learn more about our classes, or get in touch to sign up.

Preparatory Program

About Our Curriculum

We use a structured curriculum developed for babies through preschoolers. Children aged 0-3 (along with a caretaker) will sit in a circle, sing along with a pre recorded soundtrack, play rhythm instruments, dance, and learn introductory musical concepts. This kinesthetic learning approach allows children to do what they want to do -- sing, play, move around, etc. -- while also absorbing knowledge that will get them ahead when it comes to music education. We have four different groups for children in this age bracket, and each class has its own age-appropriate curriculum: Seeds, Seedlings, Sprouts, and Shoots.

Children between the ages of 3-5 will still participate in class alongside a caregiver, but they will enjoy slightly more independent music making built on the foundation of our earlier classes. For this track, see the Roots program.

Our Blooms and Blossoms programs are for kids in K4-2nd grade, and your child will learn rhythm and get hands-on experience with instruments. It’s the final step before private instruction.

Benefits Of Our Music Classes For Babies + Toddlers In Greenville

Develop a Sense of Rhythm

Rhythm, while it seems simple, is often the most difficult musical element to master. Music is nothing without a steady beat (regardless of genre!), and as a result, we want to instill rhythm in children as early as possible to set them up for musical success. We use a kinesthetic approach to learning rhythm, and children have so much fun that don’t even realize they are learning something important!

Find Their Voice

We place an emphasis on singing, and for many reasons, the ability to sing is foundational to successful music making. Whether your child grows up to be a pianist, drummer, violinist (or of course, a singer), the ability to sing well will give them a significant head start.

Develop a Strong Ear

Ear training is a side effect of our singing emphasis -- you can’t hold a tune with your voice if you can’t first hear it in your head, or your “ear.” Children will sing along with pre recorded audio, repeat tunes that they hear, and learn to match their voice to pitches. This will go a long way to promote success at the piano or another instrument in the future.

Appreciate Music Through Discovery

Learning by discovery is often the best way for a child to internalize new information, and rather than handing a child an instrument and telling them how to play it, Musikgarten allows them to experience a number of different instruments, techniques, and genres. From there, kids can figure out what they like about music, and they will enter more formal education from a place of curiosity -- this is more effective than viewing music as a chore or task. We want kids to love music right from the beginning, and our curriculum is built that way.

Transition Into More Serious Music Study

Children with a background in music classes are more prepared than their peers for private or group piano lessons, and the same applies to other instruments as well. They will have a strong rhythmic foundation, they will have a concept of high and low pitches, they will be familiar with different instruments, and above all, they will have a strong ear from the singing emphasis.

Sign Up For Toddler Music Classes Today

If you’re ready to get started, please contact us to find a good time for your child. Our music classes for children and babies are offered in the mornings at Noteability, and we do ask that a caretaker be present with your child. We can’t wait to meet you and get your kid enrolled in our fun music classes for kids!