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Guitar + Ukulele Lessons in Greenville, SC

Have you always wanted to play the guitar, or has your child expressed interest? Notability offers guitar lessons in group and private settings, and we would love to help you achieve your goals. If you have a young child that would like to learn the guitar, we provide group ukulele lessons as a preparatory class for aspiring guitarists. To learn more, please contact us or continue reading.

Guitar Lessons For Kids in Greenville, SC

We offer several age appropriate options for your child to learn the guitar at our studio, and whether you have a curious young child or a motivated teenager, we can help them reach their goals. Young children enroll in the Launch Pad program; here, we use ukuleles to teach chords, learn basic techniques, and prepare young students for more serious guitar study.

Once a child has progressed out of the Launch Pad program, they can enter the Musicianship program. You can choose between group or private lessons, and they will dig into more advanced chords, strumming patterns, scales, and more.

Our goal for young students is to give them the technique and knowledge they need to pursue more focused, genre-specific guitar study in the future. Get in touch to learn more!

Guitar Lessons For Adults

Whether you’re beginning the guitar as an adult or have several years of playing experience under your belt, we would love to grow your playing at Noteability. If you’re a hobbyist who just wants to learn the chords to your favorite songs, that’s great -- and if you already know the basics but want to learn how to improvise or play solo rep, that’s great too. We’ll find an instructor who is a perfect match for your needs, and we will tailor our instruction to help you reach your musical goals.

Guitar Styles You Can Learn At Noteability

While we always try to instill fundamentals that will help you pursue any genre of music, we would love to help you play the music you love most. If you want to develop more technical faculty and learn how to play classical guitar music, let us know - if you want to play some blues licks or get more value out of your electric guitar, we’d love to help you with that as well. From rock to pop and classical to jazz, we have the experience to help you play the guitar better.

Sign Up For Guitar Lessons in Greenville, SC

The sooner you sign up for lessons, the sooner you or your child will have fun playing the guitar. We’d love to work with you, and whether you’d like to enroll your child in preparatory ukulele classes or purchase lesson passes for yourself, we’d be happy to hear from you.