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Drum Lessons in Greenville, SC

Sign up for drum lessons in Greenville, or enroll your child in introductory hand drum classes - we work with aspiring drummers of all ages and abilities. Our skilled teaching staff instills technique and a strong sense of rhythm, and your child will have plenty of opportunities to play music with others through our student band activities. Keep reading to learn more about our drum lessons, or get in touch to sign up for a class or purchase lesson passes.

Drum Lessons For Kids

Noteability is a great place for your child to be introduced to the drums or continue their education, and we have different age-appropriate lesson programs to choose from. The Launch Pad Program occurs in a classroom setting, and your child will explore and learn about music in a fun, interactive setting. Our musicianship program is the next step - your child can begin taking private lessons at this point. Once young drummers progress past the musicianship program, our lesson pass system is the best fit -- students purchase private lessons in various quantities, and the scheduling is flexible.

Kids at Noteability start off by learning rhythm on a hand drum - this is done in a fun classroom setting. Then, your child will learn how to hold the drumstick properly and strike the drum correctly and without tension. We will also start beating even rhythms in both the right and left hands at this point.

A bit further down the road, we’ll implement hand and foot coordination at the drums before proceeding to unison drumming, “2 over 1” drumming, and single stroke drumming.

As we get past the fundamentals, the young drummer’s goals will come into play - what kind of music they would like to play, how ambitious they are, and so forth.

Drum Lessons For Adults

Adulthood is a great time to learn the drums - it takes your mind off work, gives you a creative outlet, and opens up social possibilities. Also, contrary to what you might think, drumming can come easily, even to an adult. Perhaps you won’t absorb information as quickly as you would have at a younger age, but with practice, you can still learn.

We can practice rock drumming, reggae, samba, jazz, hip hop, and more; our teachers want to pursue your goals.

What Equipment Should You Have At Home

Depending on your goals and budget, there’s a wide range of practice drums, actual drum sets, and other equipment you may wish to have at home. But minimum, you will need sticks and a surface that you can practice on every day. You won’t see improvement if you don’t practice drumming movements at least 15 minutes per day -- we are trying to instill muscle memory, and that takes time and consistent effort.

Get Started With Drum Lessons in Greenville Today

If you or your child is ready to start learning how to play the drums, get in touch! You can choose from the Launch Pad, Musicianship, or Lesson Pass program, and we would love to set you up with our talented instructors. Give us a call or fill out a form to learn more.