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Perhaps your child sings around the house all day every day - should you consider enrolling them in voice lessons in Greenville, SC? Or maybe you’re a retired individual who has always wanted to learn proper singing technique. Is it too late?

These are common questions, and we’re glad you asked! Singing lessons are a great option for music enthusiasts of all ages, and we’ll pursue this subject more below.

Should Young Kids Take Voice Lessons?

Many vocal professionals and pedagogues assert that you shouldn’t bother with voice lessons until your child’s voice has changed. Puberty changes almost everything from a vocal production perspective, so there’s merit to this school of thought.

If you are enrolling your child in lessons because you want them to become an advanced vocalist, audition for theater or choral groups, or maybe pursue secondary education in voice, then serious post-puberty voice lessons are a better fit for you. Most of your child will learn regarding tone and vocal production is more applicable after their voice has changed.

But if you are viewing singing lessons as a way for them to develop an interest in music or get a strong musical foundation, Voice classes and lessons would be a great fit.

Benefits of Voice Lessons For Kids

Firstly, singing classes for kids should strengthen the student’s ear. This means they learn how to match pitches that they hear, sing back melodies that their instructor has demonstrated, and hold a tune. These skills are incredibly important in more advanced music training, and they can be learned at a young age.

Secondly, music students should be learning to count even from a young age - singing classes do include this. Students will have to be able to maintain a steady beat, clap rhythms, and keep time with their peers, and these skills directly translate into private voice instruction, piano lessons in Greenville, and any other musical discipline.

Third, it’s never too early to start instilling a love of music in your child. Singing classes are fun - students essentially sing songs together along with their instructor - and this group activity around music may spark their creativity and pique their interest in further musical study.

Is Your Child Too Young For Voice Lessons?

If your child can pay attention in a classroom setting for at least 30 minutes, and if they are able to get along with others, they should do very well in group voice class with their peers. Very young children probably shouldn’t take private voice lessons, since these are more serious and don’t have the fun elements that a classroom setting provides. Once your child reaches puberty, you should certainly consider private voice lessons.

Are You Ever Too Old To Take Voice Lessons?

No! High schoolers, young professionals, and seniors can all benefit from voice lessons. Whether you aspire to being an opera singer, a church musician, or a community choral group member, the ability to sing well is a wonderful thing. It’s never too late, and our talented team of music educators can help you find your voice or improve your technique.

What Will You Learn In Voice Lessons?

Aside from various music fundamentals like counting and note reading, singers need to learn how to breathe properly, maintain an open vocal cavity, sing without tension, and produce a beautiful tone. It comes naturally to some and not-so-naturally to others, but regardless of your current skill level, we can help you achieve your musical goals.

Sometimes it comes down to training your ear to hold a steady pitch. For some singers, they need to figure out why their throat hurts when they sing. And still others are on the right track, but they may not be able to sing at an adequate volume for their goals.

The key is learning how to produce tone and volume safely - incorrect singing technique can lead to so many vocal difficulties down the road.

Get In Touch - Let’s Get Started With Voice Lessons

Whether you would like to enroll yourself in private voice lessons or sign your child up for group singing class, we would love to hear from you. Young kids can join our singing circle program, and we have a number of other age-appropriate options as well. Get in touch at your earliest convenience.