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When you are thinking of learning an instrument, you might have considered learning the drums. The “drums” is a very broad term, and it is different from learning just about any other instrument. Remember that playing percussion requires a good sense of timing and rhythm. Plus, you need to know how to read music even if you think drums do not have notes (they do.)

You also need quite a lot of equipment when you are ready to learn the drums. There are a few tips listed here that you can use as guidance. Do not worry about becoming an expert overnight. You need to practice often, you need the right tools, and you likely need a teacher.

Did you know that Lars Ulrich of Metallica was, by his own admission, pretty bad when they got started? In case you haven’t noticed, he’s a really good drummer. He practiced and became a legend. You can do the same when you sign up for drum lessons in Greenville.

Defining “Drums”

Most people who want to play the drums want to play the drum set. You might want to learn percussion as if you are in a concert band, but that is uncommon among people who come into a music studio and ask for lessons. Drum sets get played in rock bands, and they are cool.

This means that you are looking to play a drum set with a snare, kick bass, three or four toms, ride cymbal, crash cymbal, and hi-hat. Yes, there are “stripped down” drum sets like those used by people like Ringo Starr that are much less complicated. Unfortunately, the modern drummer has a fairly complex setup, and that is what most people imagine when they dream of learning to play.

Depending on how old the student is, you can determine how big the drum set should be. Young kids likely need the least-complex set you can find. Adults and older students might start with a slightly more robust setup.

Do you need a drum teacher?

Yes. You need a drum teacher. You can “teach” yourself to play the drum set if you have some sort of musical background. However, you still need a teacher who can give you some guidance. You can watch videos all day and linger on message boards, but you still need someone who is going to be right there and explain how to play the set properly. The tricks of the trade can only come from a professional.

Yes, there is a correct way to do these things. A drum teacher can teach you how to read music, how to read rhythms, and how to play multiple drums at the same time. You might have heard the drum set on a recording, but that does not mean you know how to reproduce those sounds.

If you are a fast learner, you still need someone who can give you tips here and there. It all depends on how much guidance is required. It also depends on what your goals are. If you just want to play in a garage band with your friends, you likely do not need a weekly lesson.

If you, however, are taking this very seriously and want to go somewhere as a musician in college or as a professional, you will need weekly lessons that last for quite some time.

How Do You Practice The Drums At Home?

You have two options. You can purchase a drum set to play at home, or you can purchase a practice pad set. There are advanced electronic drum sets that you can run through an amp, and they do not make any sound unless the system is live. This is, of course, a massive investment that should only be made by someone who is a very serious musician.

Amateurs can learn drums at home using a practice pad set. You can even kick a pad for the kick bass. This is a simple and cheap way to practice at home, and it doesn’t wake up the neighbors.

How does this even work? You get a practice pad set that hooks to a single stand. The arms on the stand can be adjusted so that all the pads are in the right place. When you are not using the set, you can fold it up and stick it in the corner. Because practice pads are so quiet, you could practice on a set like this in the middle of the night and no one would hear it.

How Long Will It Take to Learn The Drums?

It takes time. Everyone has their own learning curve. You might be predisposed to being a great drummer. Some people are even born with something called “perfect rhythm” which effectively prevents them from playing out of time.

Measure your learning in years. In the first year, you learn how to read music, how to set up the kit, and how to keep time. You learn the basics that lie at the heart of every great song you have ever heard. In year two, you will learn more advanced techniques, how to use more toms, more cymbals, etc. After that, you will continue to grow your repertoire as you learn how to play jazz as opposed to rock. You will learn how to write your own fills, etc.

Get Started on the Drums Today

Sign up for drum lessons in Greenville, SC today. You can learn how to keep time, start your own band, and shoot for the stars. You can also take band classes if you would like to be a proper percussionist who plays all the instruments you would find in the back of a concert band. There is an option for everyone, and of course, if you're interested in Greenville, SC piano lessons, voice lessons, or anything else, please get in touch.