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What Motivates Us


Our mission: NoteAbility exists to cultivate complete musicians by helping students of all ages discover, enjoy, and share music. We seek to meet our students where they are, understand their goals, and help them exceed those goals.


Our vision: is to ignite a passion for excellent music-making and an appreciation for the arts in our students, families, and instructors that generates a harmonious connection between a comprehensive, innovative education and the active enrichment of our community by producing complete musicians who share their music with the world.

Our Methodology

Methodology - a set of principles, tools, and practices which can be used to guide processes to achieve a particular goal.

We believe that all people are musical and have the capacity to learn and enjoy music. We recognize that each student has a unique world of differing social, emotional, and intellectual elements. In relation to learning music, these factors could be disregarded or leveraged for success; we seek to leverage them to each student’s advantage.

Our teaching employs appropriate learning theories from multiple influential leaders in the field of Music Education, blending concepts and principles from this vast world with relevant practices to craft eclectic, individualized instruction with the holistic depth necessary for vibrant musicianship.

We intend for core elements of our programs to work synergistically; each one should be utilized for optimal learning and growth.

Core Values

Our Families

Experience Wholesomeness

NoteAbility is committed to creating a wholesome environment for students to learn music, free of any inappropriate language, harsh instruction, or self-serving attitudes.

Promote Commitment

Music education requires focus from students but this commitment begins with family leaders who understand that regular attendance, consistent practice and undivided concentration are key to excellent learning.

Enjoy Balance

Our instructors understand that time spent with family and friends is of the utmost importance, so we intentionally craft education experiences that fit with each student’s schedule, ensuring that family always comes first.

Reinforce Growth

Because music-making is hard work, students need constant encouragement at home that is centered around supportive approval and gentle guidance toward a more well-rounded education.

Our Students

Embody Ambition

We instill both confidence and humility in our students encouraging them to develop high aspirations for the future by revealing to them their potential for growth and achievement.

Declare Ownership

Our students become life-long learners, understanding that their future growth relies heavily on their dedication to furthering their education and to honing their craft every single day.

Embrace Expansion

Our students display a strong willingness to develop a better understanding of various genres and instruments, and we applaud their open-minded attitudes towards growth both personally and musically.

Share Passion

Music is meant to be shared with others, and our students learn throughout the course of their education that music has the power to transcend the classroom by creating opportunities for the enrichment and enjoyment of others.

Our Team

Exemplify Integrity

We hold our students to the highest standards, and we believe they learn best by example; therefore, our team acts with integrity, honesty and transparency in every aspect of business.

Inspire Motivation

Our instructors seek to deepen the education of each and every student at NoteAbility, but education must begin with motivation, and we take it upon ourselves to inspire our students to aspire to greatness.

Encourage Diversity

We advocate for the education of all students, regardless of age, or ability and our devotion to diversity sets the tone for learning within the classroom: an all-inclusive commitment to music.

Innovate Education

Our team is comprised of some of the most talented musicians and instructors in the area, and we are daily seeking to develop the education we provide to ensure that music can be appreciated by everyone.

How We Got Started

Andrew and Stephanie Horne had a vision of a providing a space where musicians of all levels could flourish and find their place without being laden by less effective, out dated teaching practices that prevented them from flying high and free with their music endeavors. So, NoteAbility Community Music School opened in May of 2011 with 10 students.

Since that time we've have grown to assist over 150+ families become musicians each week! From the beginning, our desire has always been to treat our customers like family, and foster a culture of community. We are so thankful for the clients turned friends over the years.

We constantly seek to improve musical growth, and maximize your family's resources to pave the path for success. We're excited about the opportunities ahead!

Come grow with us...